Log disappeared

I was using the hammers log for POTA this morning for the first time. It was wonderful. I closed the log to switch to digital. When I tried to re-open the hammers log my saved log for POTA was gone. I can’t find it. Any suggestions

Can you tell me which version you have (Click on ‘Help’ and then ‘About’, and you’ll see the version number), and what OS your on?

Oh, and do you have any other logs? Do you have an empty logbook page similar to this:

Hi Jarrett

It’s version 0.9.8 and Windows 10 Home. And yes, the “That’s a lot is space” screen was what was showing.

However, after all my whining, on computer restart #14, my log for today magically reappeared. Everything seems to be working as it should. I must have hit some combination of keys that hid the file somewhere. But it looks AOK now.

Thanks for being concerned. I do love the app. It is so simple to use during an activation that it is going to be my primary.

Oh man, that’s so good to hear. I was terrified for a bit I lost someone’s work. I have no idea why a restart would fix anything though, so I’m still concerned something g is up. I’ll do some heavy testing on Windows, but man I’m so happy you got your data back. I just released 0.9.9 earlier today, I suggest you update after you get that log exported. If you could send me that ADIF file as well that would be great just so I can see if there is something wonky I’m not accounting for

I also think that should this happen again a full system restart should not be necessary. Fully closing and reopening the app should achieve the same effect.

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