Log File Export

I just installed a new copy of HAMRS on my Mac. I have 90 QSO’s in the log book but when I click on the gear Icon for for Log Book the menu opens and I click on export .adi and nothing happens it just closes the drop down window and shows the gear icon. Any idea how to access and export the log. Also I can’t seem to find where an HAMRS data files are kept. Thanks for any help

Follow up to post. I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall off the HAMRS website download and Mac wont allow it to load says security risk not supported and to contact app developer. I can load off the app store to the Mac which is how I did it the first time. I reinstalled from app store and the logbook is still there but still can’t export adi file or find a file location. I am hoping not to have to manually input 90 contacts into my main logging program (I did print out screen shots of all contacts so I have a paper copy and dont end up loosing all the contacts). Any thoughts of what to try? Thanks

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