Log Question / Idea

Is there a way to also have a running log for when not contesting? One that can be exported at times to upload to QRZ but be a constant running log with no competition needed?

Also with that the ability to upload a log from another app since I plan to use tour app from now on?

And finally; the ability to add Power level, currently that’s not an option I believe!

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Power Level for sure. Importing is coming down the line. As for keeping a running log, I don’t think there is anything some stopping from using the Generic form and just appending to to over and over, exporting here and there (QRZ will ignore duplicates it imported previously). If that doesn’t answer your question, hit me up!

Awesome! That did! Any idea how soon for the import feature?

I assume power level will be coming also?

Lastly, any idea on if it will be possible to have the app search for when you last QSOed someone? For example, if I type into my log W2ABC can it not only pop up with his name but maybe “3 QSOs in the past, last on 4/1/2020”?

I just added power level this morning, it’ll be in the next release. I like the idea of showing you the number of contacts and last contact date in the QRZ pop-up, but I’d be limited to QSOs in other logbooks in HAMRs at first, before I add full QRZ support for those that pay for QRZ XML Acess.

Exactly, within your logs. My plan (once import is an option) is to have my master log and then logs for my POTAs and such separate. But I want to be able to import my 200 QSO log.

I figured I’d toss another hat in for the ability to import one logbook created into hamrs into another log. So if I did a POTA I could then import those say 15 contacts into my master log.

Maybe even add a “Master Log Tab” that way we don’t even need to import it. Have a master log and logs broken down by log name. Gives you the option to use a break down as we do currently or one large master file.

But the ability to import adif is important so I can get rid of the other app I currently use