Logbooks in HAMRS

How many logbooks can I keep in HAMRS without deleting any of them or does it make any difference how many I keep ?

Not an answer to your question but a comment. I expect that others have different opinions, but I view my hamrs logbook(s) as a transient waypoint–somewhere to store some QSO records for a short period of time that I plan to transfer to my regular full-featured computer-based log (or logs–doesn’t really matter). It works great that way for me.


Thank you for your reply. KE8UOH

I don’t know for sure either, but I can say that one of the much earlier versions would run very, very slowly after a hundred or so logs were accumulated. I expect that has been fixed in one of the updates, since I’ve got quite a few logs in mine, and I don’t notice any decreased speed problems.

Consider that HAMRS was intended as a field logging app. Not as a home logging program that could store and archive tens of thousands of logs. It works well for the field–POTA, SOTA, WFD, and such. It has less flexibility for contesting, and archiving and other base station functions. Nor do I ever expect it to do so.

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Thank you for your reply this tells me lots thanks again, de KE8UOH