Logging Slows as Log File Increases in Size

I have noticed with my POTA operations, as with WD4T and KD4YDC that the HAMRS really slows
down as the log file increases. I have noticed it at about the 200 qso size.

At first I was thinking it was my Netbook (I3). But I also notice the issue on the laptop (I7)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Brian, KG8CO

I also notice this on my iPad. The character entry actually doesn’t keep up with my typing. It lags, and sometimes causes me to get the callsign wrong.

Does turning off the lookups help with this?

@Jarrett posted in his 0.11.4 release update that he is planning to rework HAMRS to use a different database format & structure. I suspect that will help with the speed issues.

I noticed this this weekend myself and was going to try and recreate it. Turning off lookups did (for me) speed it back up to normal while I was in the field.

Hello Jarrett:

I brought up the program and indeed “lookup call signs” and “notifications” were on.

Is there any way to turn them off, and have them stay off ?

After turning them off, I restarted the program and they were on again.

Thank you

Brian, KG8CO

I’ve got another post that also mentions this but I’ll say here as well. My call sign and RST entries are lagging very badly. Up to 10 seconds. This causes me to miss call signs and/or get them wrong as the other station is going on to RST and State before I’ve seen the call sign populate. Often, as I’m typing I get the call sign with the first one or two digits of the RST attached. Then the remaining digits of the RST in their correct box. This is with a Fire Tablet (HD8 version 10) and happens from the start of the log onward. It doesn’t relate to the length of the log in my experience.

At this point I’m ready to go back to 0.11.3 for my FT until the lag problem is fixed. This wasn’t a problem for me in that version…

Is 0.11.3 for FT still available?
If 0.11.3 is made available, can it be formatted as an update so that I don’t need to uninstall 0.11.4 first, please?