Logging UDP Broadcast ADIF data

First off, thank you for the fantastic app. I’ve been a ham for over 20yrs and have always loved playing radio in the field, your app has made the logging process a breeze!

My ask is that you add a feature to accept a UDP broadcast of logging ADIF data from WSJT-x. I never thought I would be a digital comm guy since I enjoy CW mainly, but for POTA activations, FT8 / FT4 is just so cool. Realistically you do NOT need rig control since WSJT-x handles that, you just need a way to take the UDP broadcast ADIF file and log it into Hamrs. I run a Mac and MacloggerDX does this no problem. It would be a perfect addition for the Linux/Pi version of your app and I plan to explore a Pi in the field next.

What do you think?

I have a ticket for this in the backlog and it should be pretty easy to accomplish. I’ll move the ticket to the new public Trello board for tracking!

Thanks, I guess….I’m not sure what public Trello is or refers to, but if it means the feature is under consideration, thanks! Prob should also figure easy way for multicast logging for field day!

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