Look Up All button for logs

When we are at a place with no cell service the log doesn’t look calls up (as expected I mean DUH right? :slight_smile: ) . When I get back home I have to go into those logs and click on “Look Up” for each entry. A “Look up all” would be great to have.

I agree. There were some issues with it before, so @jarrett removed the “lookup all” option. It would be nice to bring that back.


Load the adif into aclog. It has the lookup all functions. Its not like you really need that in hamrs, just in your real logger.

It’s helpful for those who use HAMRS as their primary log (probably more common than you think).

More importantly, look-ups are needed to display contacts on the HAMRS map.

Well, I guess. I can’t imagine using HAMRS as a main station log with so many better full featured loggers available. My feeling using it is that it is really just optimized for quick portable ops, and it works great.

I agree–it is optimized as a portable log, and does a great job with it.

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