"Lookup all" removed QSOs


I am using version 0.11.2 on iOS.

I did an WWFF activation today (Generic log) and the QSO map was not showing any entries and I noticed since the version upgrade the automatic lookup was turned off. So I clicked on the first callsign and “Lookup all”. Suddenly the amount of QSOs went from 89 to to 71. For unknown reason the lookup deleted some of the QSOs. I don’t think the the lookup function should not delete any log entries? ​ My first theory was that “duplicate” callsigns were deleted, but does not seem to be the case. I used the hamdb for lookup.

I am seeing the same problem on the PC version 0.11.2. Clicked the ‘lookup all’ and some entries were deleted.

Yep. Same here. I was trying to get the grid squares put in. Did the lookup and lookup all (on some) and went from 410 to 272. That’s a HUGE chunk. Glad I saved the adi elsewhere before trying anything.

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