Lost contacts after closing hamrs

Tonight after i closed hamrs about 60 contacts were lost. Not sure what would cause this. There is no save button it must be automatic and no confirmation. I was using an android tablet.
Any idea what the problem might be. It happend once before with about 3 contacts.

Literally had the same thing happen except with about 120 contacts. Any info appreciated.

I can’t speak for @Jarrett, but I suspect he will want some details on the version number of the app, version of Android OS you are using, and the hardware you have HAMRS installed on. You may want to add that to your posts.

Sorry to hear of your dilemma! Did you try fully closing the app and rebooting your device? I’ve heard that has worked for a couple of people in the past.

Additional info:
Tablet used RCA Viking Pro10
Android Ver 6.0
Hamrs ver 0.10.3

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