Lost logbooks (Android)


I activated a park today with no cell service (50 QSOs). After getting cell service I used the gear menu and used the lookup all function.

After a little while I checked to see if it was finished and the logbook only had 10QSOs in it. What?! I lost 40 contacts?

After some asking around and googling, I restarted the app, and rebooted the phone. Still only 10 contacts. So I changed the log name from “@ K-xxxx” to “xxxx”. Still only 10 contacts. So then I tried the lookup all function again and the QSO count started going up slowly, unfortunately it was only adding dupes to the list. Another app and phone reboot again, now there are NO logbooks in the app, and no profiles. All data appears to be gone.

The Android system still has the same amount of user data and cache as it did before. How do I access that data? Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Daniel

I just had a similar thing happen in the app on my iPad today. Lost 30 minutes of QSOs from my logbook! I have no idea how to recover these…

Any idea. I just lost a few hundred contacts some rare. And my profile is gone. I’m on Android 11 on Google Pixel 3a XL. Any way to find this missing data?

Oh no—that’s awful! Did you have your log backed up in any form, including ADIF?

Also, what version of HAMRS are you using? I haven’t heard of any log losses since version 1.0 was released.

Sometimes a hard reset/reboot of your device will reset your profile.

Using 1.0.6. Fortunately I did have paper logs for pota. My mobile/portable contacts are all gone. My fault for not having 2 backups I guess. I’m scared to use it again. I did reset device. Still no profile in the app.