Lost Logs, Mac OS

I had three successful POTA activations using HAMRS. I set up a new logbook for today’s activation early yesterday and saw that my existing logs and profile were gone, as if I had never opened the program before.

I set up my profile again and started a new log. Activation today yielded 130 POTA contacts.

Came home and reviewed my contacts…no problem.

Plugged in the computer to charge up and checked my QRZ and POTA accounts and then returned to HAMRS to export my .adi file. Only 22 contacts were in the log. Re-booted the computer. Now today’s entire log and the profile are both gone.

Something is wrong and I can’t trust HAMRS anymore.

Profile being gone tells me you might have multiple instances running in MacOS. Each would have their own separate database. What version of HAMRS and MacOS are you using?

Oh also make sure you drug HAMRS from the disk image into your applications folder and are not sometimes running it from the disk image and sometimes running it from the app folder (or your desktop or wherever you might keep it)

The same thing happens if you open two instances of HAMRS on Windows. Saving in the second instance won’t update data in the first, so after closing everything and rebooting, data disappears.

Is there a way to have HAMRS refuse to allow a second instance of itself in each operating system?

It should already disallow multiple instances :angry: I’ll see if I can replicate on Windows. I couldn’t on MacOS

@Jarrett I think the ability to open HAMRS multiple times on Windows could be a partial explanation for data loss, under certain circumstances.

On Windows 10 with HAMRS 0.11.4:

100%, though it not the hidden culprit affecting cross platform for some folks it’s definitely a vector. Was never intended for multiple instances. I set it up and never really checked after the first few releases that it was still working as intended.

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I can confirm if you open two instances, it will show all blank logs…

The multiple instances situation should be fixed in 0.11.6