Lost My Entire Profile and Logbooks!

First, I am a big fan of this product, but I just experience a situation that rocked my confidence in the app to its very core. I just completed an activation at the park when I notice that HAMRS simply shutdown. Didn’t too much of it at the time, but when restarting…I HAVE NOTHING. Entire profile and all logbooks were gone! Fortunately, I always export to my main logging tool N3JFP after each use of HAMRS. However, this time I didn’t get the chance. That was my next step!

Now, not being a mere mortal (developer of 30+ years), I immediately started looking around. However, I could not locate and database files. Only files in Databases folder were blank. Even tried downloading SQLite to review everything. Nothing.

THE ONLY way I was able to save this activation was piecing together the QRZ queries found in the Cache folder. Certainly not the easiest of tasks (and not sure it was complete), but at least now most everyone will get their due credit. I was able to remember most of the QSOs when seeing the calls.

So, please share where I could possibly find the old log files and how to read them. Trust me, I am not looking for trade secrets. But I will not be using this program again for large logging until I know I have the ability to recapture everything in the event of such a major failure.

If you wish to contact me directly, I am good on QRZ. I am leaving the Pi intact “as-is” until I start to get some replies. Then I feel like I need to at least rebuild HAMRS if not the entire Build-a-Pi.

Pi 4B 8GB Board is the main board using Build-a-Pi as the framework.

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