Lost my POTA Log

I went out to activate my two’fer park for a few minutes today, log 26 or so contacts, closed HAMRS, opened it when I got home and got the screen saying i don’t have any logbooks! i have shut it down and it does not come back I put in a dumby log and it comes back. where do I search for the phantom log?

Raaspberry Pi 4B running HAMRS 9.8


I had the same thing happen to me on a SOTA and I had around 30 contacts all lost. Luckily I was able to recall a few of them by memory. From now on after I’m done I export the ADIF file and save it on my phone in case this happens again.

Hello @KE6NYT

I don’t believe you’re log is gone, that’s the good news. The bad news is that you’re a few versions behind, and that’s preventing me from getting error reports from your pi. If you upgrade to the latest version 0.10.3, (found on https://hamrs.app), that might fix your problem, and also allow me to receive error reports if something is broken. Is that possible?

I have installed.0.10 so what do I do now?
Added info: when I booted the pi back up and started HAMRS it showed the screen saying I wasn’t registered. So I put in my callsign and English. Then it said I didn’t have any logbooks to create one. I’m guessing that the reason the lost one isn’t showing up is because it is under the first registration I did? Which should have been the same. Maybe I created the logbook without a registration? So the logbook of my activation maybe attached to whatever that files that would have created?

Hope that helps


Same story here. I activated a park two days ago and can’t find my log. Any advice Jarrett? In this case, I’m using Windows v. 0.10.6