Lost two logbooks after renaming to include “@“ symbol

Similar issue to NZ5Q posted 20 days ago and closed with no reply. I lost all my QSOs and am not sure I can trust HAMRS again.

Only thing that might be a clue is that I renamed the files to include my call sign and an @ symbol. HAMRS dutifully logged ~ 150 contacts, let me screencap a QSO map, and I thought all was good. Shocked to see the logbooks were no longer listed the next day when I went to export. Using an iPad. Logbooks are not stored in the Files app.

Any hint from developer on how I can recover logs? Otherwise I’ll have to look elsewhere for an app I can trust.

The “@“ symbol is just my guess of what may have made the behavior wonky. Need some kind of guidance soon or I’ll be forced to use another app to reconstruct the log. Once I’ve found that, I’m done with HAMRS for good.

@SimplyDan Yikes–sorry you’ve experienced this data loss. I’m reading about quite a few reports of similar experiences now. It may be a small fraction compared to the total number of activations, but when it happens to you, that’s all that matters. I hope @Jarrett is able to figure out what is going on and communicates his findings with the HAMRS user base.

I don’t think the @ symbol in the log name is a factor. I use it in every activation on my iPad and have never experienced a crash or data loss. (See attached image.)

Because of these reports, I screen cap my QSOs periodically throughout the activation to safeguard against this possibility. I plan to continue using HAMRS for all my activations with this extra safeguard in place–it is otherwise a great piece of software.

Appreciate the feedback on @ symbol. I’m at a loss then. I want to support small developers, and agree the app is great when it works, but failing on my first time using it live is a clear signal to me to look elsewhere if the developer can’t help me recover. Thanks again for the feedback.

I suspect the renaming action itself is what led to the data loss–not the fact that you inserted an @ symbol in the log name.

Makes me wonder if there is an indexing issue in the code. HAMRS allows the names of each logbook to be the same, so there’s got to be an internal reference field that is used to identify each log. I wonder if something in the code is corrupting these fields (or the links to them).

Thanks. Unless I hear from @Jarrett, I’m going to move on and reconstruct the work in a different app. I really wanted to support the app and the developer, but it looks like this it’s going to cost a few hours of my time to redo what’s been lost.

Other than losing all my work, it’s a greaet piece of software. :wink:

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