Make DUP (Duplicate) warning more prominent

The duplicate warning is currently an error toast that times out and goes away before i noticed it. This is especially so if you have notifications enabled and other toasts are displayed.

It would be much better to have a visible indicator on the entry screen. A simple DUP message or indicator would be a great enhancement. A fancy version would show the date/time the most recent log was entered.


What template are you using? In the POTA template, dupes are tagged directly in the log.

The issue with that is the contact is already made and logged before I find out it is a DUP. Is there a way to make an error (DUP) message pops up that the call sign has already been logged so I can tell the contact that they are a DUP? Maybe like the drop blue drop down indicating the contacts name and/or the Green Park drop down? Maybe a yellow, orange or red drop down indicating the Call Sign I am entering in already in this log? Just a thought. Eric KN4UDL

Do you get a quick pop-up? I do, but it doesn’t stay on the screen very long (which is the concern expressed by the original poster).

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