Map function not functioning

I’ve noticed the last log that I created today that the QSO map function isn’t working.

Looks like it’s not importing grid squares anymore.


I’m not sure exactly how the mapping function works, but my experience is that there has to be a good internet or hotspot connection to the database being used. In my case, I usually use QRZ. My iPad has its own phone connection for data, but it doesn’t work all the time, depending upon where I’m activating.

But it seems to require real time on the lookups. If I only have an intermittent connection, just a few of the lookups and the mapping locations will populate. If there is a good connection, I usually get all of them.

If I go back later, after I get home, the mapping doesn’t seem to be retroactive. I can populate the state, but I’m not sure about the mapping.

I’d like to hear others’ experiences.

All the best,

Jack N8EU

I created a new profile and used it and the lookup started to work. No idea what was the issue.

You may have lost your connection to one of the look-up services, or selected a different look-up service to be your default.

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