Map issue after making a MY PARK correction

Yesterday while entering my info for a POTA activation i accidentally entered the wrong park number in the MY PARK block. I noticed it after a few contacts and changed it to the actual in the MY PARK block and edited the contacts that I entered while it was incorrect. I checked the ADIF file prior to submitting it and it was correct. The issue is that the map still shows the handful of contacts that I “made” from a park in Indiana. All of the contacts made after the correction are in the correct location. It would be nice if the map would update the location after an edit to an entry is made. In the big picture it’s not all that important just a little aggravating. IPAD Pro, 15.1 Version 0.11.5

When you corrected the park number, did you go back and edit all of your grid squares to match? HAMRS plots QSOs from your grid square(s); not from the park number.

From everything I’ve seen, as long as the grid squares all match, the map works really well.

I did not, thanks. That did it.

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