Map issue in Hamrs 0.11.1?

I’am running Hamrs 0.11.1 in lunux mint. Even if I have entered correct grid (My grid) the QSO Map shows the center of the USA as my position. Is this a bug? Or can I have an incorrect setting?


It’s kinda wonky and i need to fix it to match folks’ expectations, but once you make a QSO, it’ll update and persist from then on out. Add a quick qso, and you should see the map lock on to your grid.

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I have my first HAMRS QSO logged, but it’s doing the same thing. Just FYI. Shows my QTH in Wichita even though I have my grid square entered.

This is the Mac OS.

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I’m also running on Linux Mint, and having the same problem as Roger-k. Problem persists after creating new log and entering QSO with my grid code entered.

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Having the same issue on WIndows 0.11.3. Shows my position in the center of the country. Position of stations I had a QSO with are correct.

@KJ4NWQ What grid square are you entering for yourself? If you don’t have a built-in GPS or you aren’t activating from a park that pre-populates your grid square, you will need to manually enter it. Go to Settings and turn on expanded mode to show your grid square field.

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