Mark contacted spots as "hunted"

Any chance a “hunted” mark of some sort could be added to the spots tab listings? That way once we hunted an activator, we could mark it as hunted and know not to try it again.

Not a big deal, just would be nice.

Thanks and 73, Bruce KE8QFP

Activators would appreciate you working them again. 1. Especially a first time activator! 2. Other activators work on awards such as the Kilo award and need contacts again; it can take several visits to a park to get his one! 3. You as at Hunter can get Repeat Offender Awards at various levels for working a park more than 20 times; and there after in steps of 20. All to say you might be missing out on some awards and if a function like this is added it should have the ability to turn the feature off or on. I actually track my Parks contacts, and I have worked over 4,440 parks, in a separate database and there are many ways one can accomplish this… de ve3zn

I just meant for that particular spot, not forever. If I work someone now in a park on 40m, I can’t work them again on 40m until tomorrow. I just would like a way to remind myself of that.

OK that would be useful … sort of like a dupe check per band as it would have to check a callsign, park ref number, mode and band as you can work the same callsign, mode and ref # on different bands in a 24 hour period.

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