Master Logbook - a cumulation of all templated logs

I’ve been trying to figure out how to best articulate this, and I think I’ve got it. Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense:

I like to keep one primary or master log. I love that we have log templates for POTA, WFD, and others coming, but could we have the option to maybe merge our logs into a master log, or have them all get funneled into one log automatically?

The separate templated logs could still show the entries for just that activation, and be exported for upload to POTA or wherever, but the master log would give us one place to go to see all of our QSOs, the map of the contacts that you’re working on, and one log to keep in sync with QRZ and LOTW.

So I could easily gather all of the QSOs into a master view, that’s easy enough, but then I have questions about how might this be used. Would you want to export all QSOs en masse? Would dupe hunting be a thing? Etc etc. what use cases could you provide me with so I can start imagining what this would look like?

Thanks so much for reaching out and giving me some new ideas to chew on!

Edit: I could see this master view being template agnostic and a list akin to what you get on say QRZ. Thoughts?