MediaTek mt8183 support

I have a chromebooke that has a MediaTek mt8183 processor. it does not support the playstore app is there a way to get one of the linux versions to run on this? the raspbian is v7 and wont run either.

edit: its

i thinks it armv8

Choose a Linux distro then read its documentation and its support forum, mailing list, or whatever to find out if you can install it and make it run on your particular make and model of Chromebook. In short, STFW (search the fine web.) :grin:

As I recall from back when I used to support MX Linux as a volunteer, there are certain things you have to do to get Linux to install on a Chromebook. ISTR there was something about removing a screw or something. But I also remember that many people were successful.

I have Linux installed but the current versions don’t support arm processors. The Russian version doesn’t support the newer processor and I’ve searched the web and cant find anyone who has gotten it working so that’s why I asked here

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