[Megathread] Time Pause Bug

I’m having trouble replicating the Time Pause/Unpause bug. I’d like to get this squashed this weekend. If you are experiencing this bug, please let me know the following:

  • What OS (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux)
  • What template
  • How I can replicate

My guess is that it s some permutation of OS and Template that I haven’t checked yet. Thank you all!

@Jarrett I’ve tested this numerous times on the iPad Pro and iPad mini 6, iOS 15.1 on both devices. Could not get it to act up on the iPad Pro.

I thought it was consistently repeatable on the iPad Mini, using the POTA template, since I tested it 5 times in a row with the same results. HOWEVER: When I tried it again the same day, a few hours later, I couldn’t replicate the error. I’ve been trying multiple times again today and can’t repeat it.

When you first implemented the time pause feature, there were multiple reports of this as well, and I witnessed it myself. But then somehow it just “went away” until this latest upgrade to 1.0.0.

I don’t think I had force-closed the app between sessions, but can’t help but wonder if a flag got out of sync upon initial upgrade, then reset itself after several iterations.

Don’t you love these intermittent bugs? ;(

Bingo—I think I found the issue!!!

Enter a new date and time, and THEN press the pause button. The button remains red (paused) but the time resets after 10 seconds or so. HAMRS changes the clock color but acts as though nothing was paused.

The expected behavior is to press pause FIRST, then select a new date and time, but if the user does this out of order then this behavior occurs. And it persists out of sync.

Here’s a video showing this on the iPad mini. Oddly, I can’t replicate this on my Windows PC nor on my iPhone or iPad Pro.

Also note that the other operator’s info is cleared when the time is reset, too.


Added as of 2014Z:

Another data point… my iPad Pro and iPhone 11 are all running iPad OS / iOS 15.2.1 and 15.3, respectively.

The iPad Mini 6, which is where I experienced the glitch, was running iPad OS 15.1.

I just upgraded the iPad Mini to iPad OS 15.3 and can no longer replicate the problem. I will keep trying.

I’ve had this and the disappearing call sign occur with the POTA and WFD template. I’m using a J7 Samsung with android. It has not happened on the last few logs, and I am very happy that it ran logs of 85 and 150 contacts without a hiccup. Usually, I would hit 65 and it would slow to a crawl. If I catch either the pause or call disappearing early in log creation, I simply delete the log and start over.

Forgot to add, before logging, I now close all other apps and clear the cache before starting.

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