Merge two logs from same POTA activation

Is there anyway I can merge two logs from two different machines ie. iPad and Macbook? I used the macbook then battery was dying so i finished logging my current park activation on my iPad. Now i want to send in my logs but don’t want to send two files if i don’t have too.

I really hope that we can have the ability to save logs to a cloud service and is implemented for issues like this and others. I use multiple computers (ie… Windows, MacBook, iPhone,iPad) and it gets really cumbersome when logs are all over the place.

I use HAMRS for portable logging only, and upload all of my logs to another application on the PC for long-term storage and reference. Once uploaded, I don’t need the original log anymore in HAMRS.

My sense is that HAMRS was meant to primarily streamline portable operations and logging. Other apps address more advanced needs, like integration with LoTW &, tracking QSLs, etc.

I don’t need integrations with LOTW or tracking OSL’s just would like to be able to see one log in one place. Sometimes i hunt others while at a park and if hours have past and i cant remember if I worked that person already at that specific park of if they moved to another park. I will not be able to quickly glance or see them marked as worked because they might be in my other log. You can give the option for the user to use a cloud service of their choice to upload to and option to import the ADIF file on another device.