Missing log from ver 1.0.6


I just got home from a trip and my log from the HAMRS app on my Samsung phone is gone. I thought something was up when it prompted me to create a profile (even though I had already dome that) but I was in a hurry and just did it. I logged about 20 Qs and packed it up. Now I’m home and it’s nowhere to be found.

Any chance of recovery? I did not export to ADIF since I usually check my logs by hand before exporting.

Hey head over to this thread, all it should require is an update and youll be back in business.

Thanks. I posted over there, hopefully I can find that log. It seems that when the app was “broken” and asking me to make a new profile, I just made one without thinking about it. Then I made a log in that new profile and it got lost when the app got fixed.

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What are the odds of that! Im sure Jarret will be able to straighten it out for you in time. Just keep the attention on your post for a while if it hasnt popped back up.

Hi, I found all my files by going to files and searched for my call sign that’s s part of the file name. They are saved by hamrs as a adif already. For example, on my phone they were located at internal shared storage/download.
Something similar in my tablet.

You can recover the files but I couldn’t make hamrs see them when I copied them to another device. You can unload the files to pota site or any software that uses adif. Good luck.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I searched both my callsign, the park number, and a few of the calls i remember working but I was unable to find anything matching. Is there a better way than launching samsung file manager and just searching both the SD card and the internal storage?

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