Missing Log on Windows 10

I just completed a very successful POTA activation (130+ contacts) and now I can’t find the logs. Due to the fact that I got chased out of the park by a sudden rain shower, I did not export to ADIF before putting my laptop to sleep. TLDR; is there a way to find and/or recover these missing contacts?

HAMRS Version: 0.11.3
OS: Windows 10

Sequence of events:

  1. Last night my computer went into hibernate mode due to low battery. I recharged it without turning it on before heading to the park this afternoon.
  2. Turned the computer on after arriving at park. Hamrs did not appear to be running, so I launched it from the Start menu.
  3. None of my previous logs were displayed. I was prompted to create a new profile, which I did. At the time I thought it was due to my lack of internet connectivity.
  4. Logged 88 contacts before the software began to exhibit some of the known quirks that can occur with larger logs.
  5. Started a new log and kept making contacts until the rain came. Closed Hamrs and returned to base.
  6. At home I fired up the laptop and started Hamrs, only to be greeted with my previous logs and my original profile. This struck me as odd so I immediately checked this forum.
  7. Upon checking Task Manager I discovered a second instance of Hamrs that did not appear on the task bar. I was unable to switch to that instance no matter what I tried.

@AK9IT Ouch! So sorry to hear this happened.

I’ve never lost a HAMRS log (now used in over 50 activations) but routinely take screen shots and export ADIFs throughout my activations just in case, at least until the bugs have been worked out of the HAMRS beta releases.

I’ve reported this concern over opening multiple instances in Windows a couple of times and trust that @Jarrett has it on his radar to fix.

For now, I don’t know of any way to recover your lost data. Hopefully @Jarrett can suggest a way to find your log.


P.S. That’s a lot of contacts in a single activation. Sounds like you’ve put together a good equipment set and activation strategy that works well for you. The most I’ve had is 105, but I’m 95% CW and those are harder to accumulate since there aren’t as many CW operators as there are SSB ops.

Good luck. I lost over 80 contacts from an activation. Not recoverable. I understand your pain. Hope yours can be recovered.

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My setup is nothing special, but it seems to work well:

  1. Yaesu FT-891 running 50 to 100 W
  2. 40 ah LiFePo battery
  3. 20/40 linked inverted V. Usually mounted on top of a 23-foot painter pole. Occasionally I’ll mount the antenna in a tree.

I’ll be adding CW and digital to the arsenal over the winter. Maybe I’ll catch you on the air!

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