Missing multiple contacts when exporting

Before the latest update Version 1.0.0, all was working great. Today was the first time I used HAMRS for POTA and WFD. Logging in the field was fine however when I exported via email while in the field several contacts not in the .adi file when opened. So I used my desktop and the software to create the WFD log again. When I exported that log to my hard drive I am once again missing a bunch of contacts and the ones I do have are not in order. They are out of time sync. Any help will be appreciated as this is my primary logging program for POTA.


Just to clarify… All of the QSOs remain in HAMRS, but not all are being exported to the ADI file?

Would you mind screen-shotting your log and sending the screen shots along with the ADI to me? I’d like to see if anything jumps out that might be common between the contacts that don’t make it into the ADI. My email address is my call sign @arrl.net.

Which operating system are you using?

The order is a recognized bug and @jarrett has that on his list to fix. It shouldn’t affect POTA log uploads, but if you submit to WFD I think they need to be sorted by time which you can do via ADIF Master (free Windows utility).