Missing PTP when converting to ADI file

When I convert my Log on my IPAD to a ADi file, it missed some PTP contacts. It only gave me 2 out of 7 when I uploaded today. All other data was correct. This has happened before. They were all entered the same on my ipad. Using the newest software version. Am I doing something incorrectly?

Can you clarify what you mean by “missing”? Were they not exported into the “SIG_INFO” column of the ADIF? Or did they not get a match on the POTA web site?

As a reminder:

  • The SIG_INFO field can only contain one park number. If you enter two or more in “Their Park” field in the log, be sure to separate them by commas so HAMRS can generate multiple QSO records.

  • Use the VE-#### or K-#### format in the park number—don’t forget the dash.

  • Your P2Ps will NOT show up on the POTA site until the other activators upload their logs (could be a month or two). In fact, the POTA algorithm is written so you don’t even need to enter their park number—matching is automatic once you and the P2P upload.

  • Make sure your times are accurate, in UTC. If the QSO times are more than 15 min apart, the match won’t work.

Feel free to email your log to me if you want me to take a look at it. My email is good on QRZ.com.

Thank you for the reply.
The fact that P2P’s won’t show up until the other station enters their log is what I didn’t know. I was doing everything correctly it looks like. I just checked and three more P2P’s that I entered have now shown up as you said they would. This is such a blast especially when I have a European contact!
Thanks again for your help.

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Yes, this is a blast–I love POTA!

Here’s more info on the P2P matching algorithm: