Mobile app and windows not showing the same logbooks

I recently installed the HAMRS app on my phone and logged several QSO’s. I then installed HAMRS on my PC and signed in but I’m not seeing the logbook that I created from my phone. Are the two not interchangeable. Is it two separate accounts?

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I had a similar issue. I created my first logbook online in the Windows version. I then purchased the App to run on an iPad. The iPad had a provision where I could set up an account. I am having issues finding the logbook I created earlier today with the free online version, hoping it will show up eventually on the App! Fortunately I already converted the file and uploaded to pota

I posted this on the Parks on the Air Facebook group and everyone said they do not sync. I really don’t understand why they wouldn’t make it to where the diff devices would but I’m not a developer. Supposedly there are some work arounds but I’m going to have to research that. If I find out I’ll post back here. Good luck.

This is from someone on the POTA Facebook page.

“What I do is have my computer hamrs save a folder synced with Google drive, then have the same folder on the tablet or phone. This way I export the file in one place, hit Internet at some point and it’ll sync, and you can open it on the other device from file.
I set it to sync whatever folder I “export .adi” to. The folder I use is called “Hamrs”, and it shows up as a shared folder in my Google drive (should be similar for any cloud storage). You can map it as a drive and anything saved while offline should sync when it hits Internet. After that, just open Hamrs on whatever device and open the .Adi file.”

I’m going to try this and see if it works for me. The Ham community is great. Good luck.

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