Mouse Button 4 and 0.10.07 (Windows)

It would appear HAMRS needs to trap mouse button 4. When on an entry screen if I press mouse button 4 (usually for browser back) HAMRS goes from the log entry screen to a blank screen. This is on Windows 10, Razer Basilisk V2 mouse. From there I need to click on Logbooks up above and re-select the log file. Anything that was in the log entry window at the time mouse button 4 was pressed is gone, however, items previously saved in the log appear intact. Mouse button 5 (typically browser forward) does not appear to have any adverse effects. It appears to function as a left click where it simply selects the item under the pointer.

So from this screen:

I hit mouse button 4 and get this screen:

Huh. Off topic so my apologies but I didn’t even know there were mouses that had 4 buttons.

Actually this one has something like 10 buttons, and there’s others with more!

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