Move the State Field

Would it be possible to move the state field next to the call field for POTA? It would only require shortening the RST fields to place the state field in between the call and RST fields. In many parks especially national parks there is limited cel service and so getting the call data from is not possible. Moving the state field will allow users to just tab from call to state. Since RST is not required for POTA if the operator wants to record RST they need only tab from state to the RST fields. This will put all of the data gotten from each contact to be entered from one line in the app and not require someone to have to move around the entire app when entering data.


UPDATE: Went and did a POTA activation today. I have a keyboard to use with my iPad and when entering a call I had to go from the keyboard to the screen to move to the state field and then back to the keyboard to enter the state and hit return to enter the call and take the next call. I found it would have been easier for me to be able to just TAB from the keyboard between Callsign and State and not have to change my focus from keyboard to screen and back to keyboard to record the call.

I like the app and it has some nice features but I think I will stick to having a mic in one hand and a pencil in the other for field logging.

Were you using one of the call sign look-up services?

When I have Internet access, I find that 95% of the time the state and location reported by the look-up service is accurate.

But there are times when I either (1) do not have access to the Internet, (2) the other op is at a park, or (3) the user reports a different state than his or her home QTH populated by the look-up service.

For (1) above, having CALL, RSTs, State, then “Their Park” would be the ideal order. Tab between them and it flows smoothly.

For (2) above, HAMRS does a good job of filling in the correct state and grid square for the other park (at least as it best can…)

For (3) above, I’d like to be able to hit a “Clear QTH” button and populate it myself. Otherwise QTH info will be wrong if I only change the state field, or I have to waste time clearing the others. Indianapolis, KY doesn’t make sense, for instance… :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin,

I still believe call, state is the better order since POTA does not require RST for log submission. While I give and receive RST I do not worry about recording it. At least then I know how well I am getting out. So the sequence of call TAB state RETURN next call seems to work well for me. One of the neat things I discovered about HAMRS is that when you put in a park number it automatically populates state weather you are connected or not. Nice feature. I try to go with the 95% rule, ie what happens 95% of the time.

Thanks for replying Kevin.

Thought of another good reason to move the State field next to the Call field.

I started using Microsoft Swiftkey for my keyboard on my iPad and iPhone. I enable the numbers on the top row of the keyboard so I do not have to switch back and forth between letters and numbers. When the phone is in either portrait or landscape the state field is blocked by the keyboard causing me to have to scroll the form up to get to the state field. Moving the State field puts everything on the same line; no scrolling necessary. The only thing required is to shorten the RST fields and move them to the right and move the State field next to the call field.

Thanks and 73’s