Moving focus from "Their Park" clears grid

Steps to Recreate on Windows(0.11.4), similar on Android(0.11.3):

  1. Ensure callsign lookups are enabled.
  2. Open new Logbook with the POTA template
  3. Enter a callsign into the first box.
  4. Use tab to move into and out of the “Their Park” box. Alternatively click into the “Their Park” box, and click into any other box.
  5. Note that the looked up grid disappears.

I stumbled across this while entering QSOs post POTA. I couldn’t figure out why the QSO map wasn’t filling up.

Thank you so much for providing easy repro steps. Makes it super easy on my end. Confirmed and found the bug, will roll it into a maintenance release.

You’re welcome. I’ve done enough work around IT/programming to know that bugs are obnoxious if the person resolving it can’t reproduce it. Plus, it forces me to fully explore the problem and sus out the extent of the bug.


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