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If you use HAMRS on one device (let’s say a PC) can you log in and see your log info if you access from another device (let’s say an iPhone?)

No. Currently HAMRS does not sync or allow you to import the ADI files you created on another device

Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

I have seen this question posted several times, but since the discussions close after a few days, I think it is good to ask it again and again.

This feature is Truly Needed. I have only been working with HamRS for a short while and went ahead and bought the $4.99 version for my IOS device. I feel this App is far ahead of the others in most ways, but is way behind on keeping the data synced across all of ones devices.

Please put this request on the top of the programming list…

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Totally agree! I’m new to HAMRS and was surprised to learn that this feature is not available. It’s almost standard on all other applications.


I would love to see a an import option. My current workflow is for POTA to use HAMRS and export to n3fjp aclog for my permanent all-contacts log. I’m currently rotating HAMRS logbooks monthly, but it gets to be a pain as I have to edit the adif file to get rid of older contacts. I’d like to do a new log for each day or week, but I would love to have a master HARMS log as well that is just historical.

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Well, I should have read this discussion thread before I purchased another download of HAMRS for my iPad. I now have two independent log databases for my iPhone and my iPad. I love HAMRS for my logging! PLEASE sync the DB’s soon!


What other ham radio program (not qrz) automatically syncs across platforms? Not aware of one . you all are trying to turn a portable logger into something it is not meant to be … W1ip

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