Multiple machine usage


I use an ipad mini, an ipad, a chromebook and a windows laptop and a windows desktop that I use for logging.

My question is- will I need to purchase a copy for each of these machines? Or is one purchase going to apply to all ? Or something else?

de K8MH

All desktop versions are free, and will be forever. iOS you’ll need to buy once, and it will be available on all of the iOS devices tied to the account you bought it with.

Edit: There will be a one time purchase for the android app as well, when that comes out soon. Basically anything that needs to go into an ‘app store’ somewhere has costs associated with it ($100/yr for Apple for example) I need to recoup.

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Might be a good idea to allow it to be shared with the family via Family Library in the Google Play store, for the rare case a family shares the hobby. I wish I could get my wife licensed. My son will probably be when he’s older.

I’ll look into that, I’m not as up to date on the Android side of things as I am the iOS side of things.

Can I synchronize the data between devices using iCloud? I want to be able to use my phone in the field but review the same data on my iPad. If not, please add this feature. Thanks

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Right now you can only export. I save my .aid files to a folder on iCloud. I either use text edit on my Mac or Good Reader on my iPad to view the aid files if I need to. @Jarrett definitely needs to add an import function!