Multiple Operators

Trying again to see if logging multiple ops is feasible.
If operating as team, just copy log and edit.
Be nice if working multiple ops have a way to add second op like second park.
Multiple ops check box. After first op, click on box, program logs first op, keeps info on screen, cleans Call Sign, waiting on next op.

I don’t have my HAMRS machine handy, but to change operators in the log file, from the main screen that lists your log files, I believe you can hit the settings wheel, copy, then provide the new operator data there. It’ll create a new log from there with the second operator’s data. Then you can export to adif and upload straight to POTA. Works very well and I’ve used it on a few occasions with two to three operators.

From the Logbook screen, click the gear icon on the log you wish to change for a second operator, click duplicate, change the “MY CALLSIGN” field, click save. Done!

I understand and use the Duplicate function after an activation.
When you’re working a P2P and the other park says “Second Operator”. You save and reenter their park again. Trying to speed things up and not ask to repeat info. If there is a “Next Op” button next to save/clear that saves first op leaving all info except Call. You enter second op and enter!

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