Multiple parks in park # box

When I am in more than on park can I send it to Pota with both parks in the box where I put my park # ?

My understanding is that you cannot.

Each park’s log must be sent in as a separate log, Duplicate the log and enter a different park. Do this for each park you simultaneously activated. Submit each park’s log separately.

One log, one park.

Hope this helps.

Jack N8EU

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You can not enter your multiple parks in one field.

You need to create & use one log for ONE park. When you’re done the activation, go to your list of logs and DUPLICATE the log you just completed and name it for (one of) the multiple park(s) and change the park designator in the new log. Repeat for each other park you activated.

You will upload one log at a time on the website.


Jeff K3JRZ

POTA logging requirements are spelled out here:

This mentions that you can submit multiple days in the same file, but parks have to be uploaded separately (such as during a multi-park activation). Not sure if you’ve uploaded to POTA before, but you’ll notice the web form only has a space to enter one park number anyway.

As mentioned by others, HAMRS’ “duplicate log” feature was specifically designed to allow you to split the logs to match the POTA upload requirements. It’s a very helpful feature, for sure!