MY GRID does not update if MY PARK entry is missing dash

Hello @Jarrett ! Awesome program, thanks for all the work you put into it!

HAMRS version 0.11.1
I noticed that MY GRID does not update if MY PARK is missing a dash. Also clearing MY PARK doesn’t clear MY GRID, and it probably should.

To duplicate:

  1. Fill MY PARK field with K3595 and observe that MY GRID does not update
  2. Fill MY PARK field with K-3595 and observe that MY GRID field does update properly
  3. Clear MY PARK field and observe that MY GRID field is not cleared, and probably should

Also on a separate topic (not a bug), I read where you commented somewhere that you felt that folks should probably configure their HAMRS profile to use QRZ not HAMQTH for callsign lookups. I happened to encounter a couple of incorrect callsign results when testing HAMRS with HAMQTH although when I checked the FCC database, they were correct. I will continue to put my faith in QRZ and not HAMQTH.


I believe the convention for park numbers requires the dash, whether for your park or the other operator’s park.

Is there a reason you would want to enter your park number without it?

Speed and efficiency. Computers should make our lives easier and this includes helpful correction of our mistakes.

IMO the dash is required on so it should also be required on HAMRS

I had that field auto-formatting, but it broke when when entering multiple parks, so I had to roll it back. I plan on revisiting.

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