My QTH input is missing for new QSO in Windows app

I use a single log for all my QSO’s. I can set my Grid number, state and county for a new QSO record, and it’s used for further new records that is great, but there is no input for my QTH.
So my new QSO in new location is logged using old my QTH value that is incorrect. I have to edit each QSO and update my QTH value. Is there a way to set my QTH used for new QSO?

I’ve requested in the past to have my QTH brought forward to the main QSO entry screen alongside state, grid square, and county, and to make it sticky to remember the most recent entry. I don’t know where or if this feature request is in the queue.

At present, I think the only workaround is to edit each QSO and enter it there, as you are currently doing.

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