Needs pota updated

Im hoping an update to the parks on the air format is done. I can’t add the new park numbers. Example. K-10479 shows up as k-1047 in AL. I have to edit my location and grid in every contact. Is this in the works or do i need to look for something different?


I know that @Jarrett is aware, but don’t know when he intends to release an update.

You also have the option to edit your exported ADIF using a text editor (search and replace) or on a Windows PC, you can use ADIF Master (free utility).

In windows version, before you start logging, you can open the expanded mode and enter the 5 digit park number, and fix the grid, state and county once and it will be correct for all your contacts.



Thanks. Ill try that next time.

Same problem here, running into issues with K-10409 in Washington continuously logging as being in Alabama because the grid and state lock in at K-1040. Eagerly awaiting an update.

When you first open the log, go into the panel on the right. Enter the park number. Then scroll down and enter the correct state, grid, and county and you are good to go. You may need to be in expanded mode for these fields to be available.

Hopefully Hamrs will get an auto updating database soon to avoid these issues in the future.

73, Charlie - K0LAF


Since noticing many logs with the correct park but incorrect state and grid, I have been doing exactly that when first creating the log. It’s just crazy that in my case as I’m typing it’ll load the state and grid information for K-1040 and initially register a park in Alabama, then when I enter the “9” in K-10409 it’ll update the park name properly but retain the Alabama park state and grid info. As you said, I hope an update is in the works.

Yes, the db of HAMRS need to be updated for POTA reference more often. I’m the Italian POTA manager and I see that some numbers not be updated with names and position. Please update the db!

If you type in the 10 and the 404 quickly, the system will accept the 5 digit entry,
just will not do a search of the park,

Steven VE3PTA

I am hoping there is a big update coming soon that will add most of these features. I know they have to go through beta testing to work out the bugs, but I have a feeling things will be ok. Just hope they come soon.

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