New 5-digit Parks are not recognized

HAMRS will not recognize new 5-digit park numbers, but instead, recognizes the first 4 digits and puts you in the wrong park, gridsquare, and state.

I had the same problem at a 5 digit park number it end up logging a park in a different state and grid square. I had to hand change ever contact I made 150+ contacts it took awhile.

You can edit the adif file in notepad (or your preferred text editor) and use the replace function to fix all entries at once. But it would be a lot easier of it was right at the app.

While adif files are text and can be edited in any text editor I personally don’t like the format. If you are like me and prefer a grid/spreadsheet layout, Adif Master is your new best friend you haven’t met yet. :wink:

As a work around you can fix the grid square and state in HAMRS before you start logging. Then the entries will be correct. --n1bs

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I typed the whole park ID in another app and copied and then pasted it into HAMRS and it worked.

It also appears that sadly there’s no longer support for the app. On iOS it hasn’t seen an update in over a year.

It works fine for upload to pota. Why are you changing it? W1ip

When I upload to QRZ or another logbook, it puts me in the wrong gridsquare and state.

For those of you who either run linux, or don’t want to shell out more $$$, for something you could do yourself. There is a nice tool called adifmt - adif multi-tool. It does a really nice job of editing and other things. GitHub - flwyd/adif-multitool: Validate, modify, and convert ham radio log files with a handy command-line tool. 📻🌳🪓

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