New Merch "Every Day is Field Day"

I’m not good with self-promotion. I mean, I’m great at promoting other business’ things - I owned an interactive agency for almost a decade. SELF promotion is my weakness. Always feels gross to me.

But, as I was putting together the Field Day template that is now in beta, I realized for us POTA, SOTA, and other portable operators, every day is field day. We’re always operating in Field Day conditions, if not worse! So I made a shirt. I get a few bucks from these, and you get something in return so that’s cool with me.

Anyway, buy one or don’t. I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life :stuck_out_tongue: You guys rock!

Merch Store Here!


I know how you feel about self promotion. I’ve always walked the path of humility.

However, you’re making something good so a little push on the brand identity never hurts.

Keep it up.

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I have a local aerial photography business mostly doing real estate. Lots of times when I take pictures that aren’t real estate I have people that would try to buy copies and I’d just give it to them. I had an old teacher of mine who turned himself into a lawyer going to law school in the afternoons… he sat me down and told me “never give your WORK away for free. It finally hit me what he meant… if you spend time on it, you deserve something back out of it.

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Wish there were tall sizes! But I love the logo – and have used that phrase myself (my QRZ page used to describe my back yard antenna machinations as “every day is FD at my home QTH!”).

So I’ll drag my feet a while to see if the store can offer tall shirts… meanwhile it’s a great idea to offer stuff for sale to support your efforts!

Love what you are doing - picked up a Every Day shirt and enamel mug to show some support. Keep up the great work!

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You made my night. I REALLY appreciate it!