New parks >9999

We could really use parks >9999 to be properly accounted for in the software

I’m beginning to wonder if this app/software is even being supported any longer.

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This should have been fixed by now. Good grief!

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I would gladly pay for the software to get regular support


I agree, this is a great little program. I have paid for much less usefull apps on a regular basis. :grinning:

I have been in contact with the developer. There have been some delays, life happens. The program is undergoing a major revision and many of these issues will be addressed. Please have some patience, good things are coming.

Michael WA7SKG

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I wait with bated breath! I love this little app!

73 de KX5JT

So, what is the reason for not open sourcing this project, and allowing other fine folks the opportunity to fix bugs/add features. And Jarrett being the gatekeeper?

I paid my 3 dollars for the android app. Let’s support the developer.

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As far as Open Sourcing the application, that is up to Jarrett. I have not discussed it with him, and he has not offered anything to me. For whatever reason, it is his decision.

As far as supporting the developer, the charges for downloading the apps go to the store. AFAIK, Jarrett does not receive any of those funds. The stores charge for providing the apps. Those charges are covered by either the user, the provider, or recovered through in-app advertising.

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