New POTA Parks wrong gridsquare

New POTA parks- HAMRS is inserting incorrect gridsquare info for the new parks.

I wonder where the data is extracted from. In some cases trails or Recreation districts can traverse several grid squares so I understand that aspect and have had to manually adjust the POTA logging to show the actual GS of my Activation. In the cases of existing locations like National Forests, the default location was the worst possible choice and I had to hunt around the map for a while to stumble upon the actual entry. Whoever chose the coordinates at the USFS (Intern?) from a desk perspective had never been there & knew nothing about that location as well as many others. Before I did my first activation I visited around 30 locations and quickly learned that the referenced property was only a reference point and where you would actually visit to make an activation was often totally different.
So in some cases, Google would bring me into a back service road that the public would find to be a locked gate instead of the main park entrance, etc. I wouldn’t say those were the wrong locations, just that the Latitude and longitude of the Coordinates was the default location that humans would have to find some tweaking was needed. Often the Activation setup between the Default and the Preferred GS location radically differed in the Equipment required. Of course, some prefer the more remote option, but I often joke that TWO Activations are needed. One is for finding the REAL preferred location and the other means getting on the air without bringing your own table and full Field Day Equipment list, lol. So, if the new added properties truly have a WRONG Coordinate identification, it means even more fun for the Would-Be Activator. Cheers, Davey – KU9L

As you know from reading the POTA documentation on, the pins are only representative of a single point related to the park. It is fully up to you to research each location using official maps for the owning agency to determine where you intend to activate.

If you are selecting the published pin location and navigating there, you are doing it wrong. Very wrong.

Please note this is a very different issue than the one mentioned by the original poster in this thread… which is a result of HAMRS “finding” a park number (usually only the first four numbers of a 5-number park) that hasn’t been updated in the HAMRS data set yet.

Any updates on when the HAMRS will have a fix for the 5-number parks?

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