New release for iOS?

None of the new POTO parks are being found in the lookup.

It’s my undestanding that the park DB is built in. When I search for the app in the app store, there’s no update available.

Is there an estimate of when an update will be available?



Having issues with valid call signs not being found on QRZ


Im also having this issue… My own call isn’t showing up (granted its a newly issued vanity, but its showing on qrz and hamdb properly)

Same here, especially DX callsigns.

I have seen the same issue with the new parks. Are we getting credit for park to park from these parks?

I have stopped using HAMRS until they get this fixed. I am using an older program called Hamlog. It is not as robust, but at least I can manually put in the new parks. I will return to HAMRS when these problems are resolved.

Yes. I’ve activated K-9756 which isn’t part of the HAMRS database, but I received credit for P2P, Early shift, QSOs and also got my Kilo there.
I currently log in by hand and then enter my contacts after I leave the park. I manually fix the grid square for the unrecognized park on the first entry when I start to transcribe my weitten log.

It woukd be nice if they could look up parks online like they do for call signs.

You guys are all a bit nuts, frankly. What difference does it make if the name does not pop up in hamrs. Who cares if the call does not pop?
It has nothing to do with the log you upload, sheesh. I log with hamrs offline, it works perfectly. W1ip

It may not matter for the pota credit, but folks (me included) like complete info in the logs. And while some may find it silly, having started my HF journey in Oct 2022, I like seeing those long, beautiful lines across the map.

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