New Version Upgrades

I am a new user so bare with me! I am currently using Version 0.11.4 (10) and have the following questions:

Is there a newer version available?
How are new version updates accomplished?
What is the “(10)” in the version ID.

All working well and it looks great. Planning on using it for CQ WW this weekend.

Sounds like you’re on iOS.

  1. There is a new version, 0.11.5 that has a bugfix for iOS 12 in it, making it’s way through the App Store now.
  2. If you have automatic updates turned on for your Apple device, it should just update when you’re not using your device.
  3. The 10 is just the build number. Essentially, took me 10 builds of beta testing to release version 0.11.4. You can disregard it.

Jarrett… Thank You for the prompt response! Greatly appreciated.


Jarrett, I am unable to find a Windows link to upgrade 11.4 directly to my laptop. The only Windows device I own is my HP laptop for ham radio stuff. All of my other devices are IOS. I hope I posted this question in the correct spot.


Have you tried going to and clicking on the second of the four blue boxes that says “WINDOWS”? This will download the latest copy of HAMRS to your download file. Go to the Downloads folder on your laptop (inside My Computer) and click the last file downloaded. This should allow you to install it.

If you need more help, repost here.


Total embarrassment…I can’t tell you how many times I typed and my search engine was not directing me to the upgrade screen. I had also tried and on both my Windows HP and MAC and neither computer would call up the upgrade screen.

So I read your message and for the 100th time, I typed and suddenly I uploaded the correct screen on both computers.

Well, THANKS, and I’m going to crawl back in my hole!


No problem. Been there. Done that.