Newbie question:HAMRS to LOTW

I’m new here and also a new Ham.

I used Hamrs for my first two POTA activations and I have to say I love it. Logging and uploading to was easy and successful. I have started using it for logging from the QTH also.

I just uploaded all my HAMRS logs from the QTH and that work too. But when I tried uploading the two POTA logs I got an error that the location didn’t match my QTH.

Is there anything I an do in HAMRS to prevent this or is this a LOTW/TQSL issue?
Any help getting this right would be appreciated.


Sounds like you need to do one of the following:

  1. Create a location in TQSL to match the location info in your log, and select that location when you upload your exported ADIF

  2. Check the “override location data from log” in TQSL, and make sure you enter all the relevant info in HAMRS (e.g. grid, state, county). Then when you upload your log with TQSL, it will ignore the location profile setting in TQSL and just use the data from your log.

Hi Jeff,
Option #2 suggested by KZ3L is the simplest and easiest to implement.

Open TQSL, click on File>>Display or Modify Preferences… then click on the Log Handling tab. Click to select "Override Station Location with QTH details from your log.
Click OK
73, Charlie - K0LAF

How do you upload the QSO’s to Parks on the Air???


It’s a 2-step process:

  1. Export the ADIF to a file on your device

  2. Log into POTA and go to the “My Log Uploads” menu. You can then upload your file there.

Now, if you are using a small screen, POTA might not allow you to upload from your device. In that case you’ll need to save the ADIF to an external drive (or email it) accessible on a larger-screened device, then upload it from there.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much I haven’t had time to try this but will this weekend.
Are there any disadvantages to either approach?

Thanks I’ll give it a try

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The only advantage to storing the file and uploading directly from your device is the convenience.

If you need to save the ADIF to a shared drive or email it to yourself, that’s an extra step and isn’t quite as convenient.

But otherwise the result is the same.

You should keep your ADI files in a safe space on your network or hard drive anyway just to keep them for future reference. If you decide to upload them to LoTW or QRZ, you’ll need them for those services.

Sorry. Some else asked a question in the same thread, I was responding to your 2 suggestions on how to upload HAMRS .adi files to LOTR and avoid the location error I was getting from POTA locations not matching my QTH. I was wondering if there was any downside to either method.

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I export the log file and upload it to I have my log on QRZ configured to be able to directly upload to LOTW. No matter what logging program I use, I upload to QRZ, so I have an accessible version of all my contacts.
If I have a quick QSO, I enter in directly to the site. I am sure there are other usable sites.

What I do is I go to QRZ and goto “settings”>>logbook properties. I change my Log QTH to the park, state, gridsquare and hit save. I then goto qrz settings and import the adif from HAMRS. Then in QRZ settings, I export my log to LOTW. It will create a new location (the park) in LOTW.

When done, I goto qrz>>settings>logbook properties and change the info back to my home QTH

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