No green checkmark for foreign entities?

I’m preparing my first POTA activation log to send in. All QSOs have a green checkmark at the end of the master list–except 2 foreign stations. They’re both in QRZ, but even if I hit the “lookup” option, I still get a red ! in place of a green checkmark. Why is this, and will it be an error in my POTA log? Thanks!

Do you have QRZ selected as your lookup source? A lot of non-US stations don’t appear in one of the other two options (HamQTH and HAMdb), but would appear in QRZ.

The check mark just means the location, name, etc. for the contacted party were found and entered into the HAMRS log. Those fields are not required for POTA, so you should be fine.

By the way, congrats on your first activation!

Thanks for that advice sir, and I do appreciate the congrats! I’m already thinking about the next one…73, Eric AC6NT

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One more quickie: Hamdb is selected by default. I’d choose QRZ (I’m a paid member) but it’s grayed-out. Can I get around this?
Thanks and 73,
Eric AC6NT

If it’s grayed out, then you haven’t entered your username and password correctly for in your profile.

Choose the “Profile | Manage Profiles” menu option, tap the gear symbol, then “Edit”. Make sure your login credentials are entered correctly. If they are, you will see a green :white_check_mark: next to each login.

KZ3L, Wow! That worked like a charm. Thank you and 73! Eric AC6NT

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