Normal Logging Profile

Loving HAMRS, it is perfect for iOS devices. I wonder if a standard log profile could be added. I guess it only needs a name field. it would certainly make life easy when portable and not looking just for activations.



Ignore me! I can’t read :slight_smile:

Well, in that case… :crazy_face:

Can you explain what you’re looking for?

You can create multiple profiles as desired. Or are you looking for a template with some specific needed fields?

Most logs are designed to enter your call sign and theirs, frequency, and a few other fields, which the Generic template supports.

The generic template is fine. I just hadn’t noticed it! :wink:
Thanks for the response though!


Glad to help. And also glad to know you can read. :rofl:

HAHAHA, New glasses next week :slight_smile:

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