Not exporting 59,59 onto adif

Tried a test logbook, when exported does not fill the auto 59 59

73 de Mike CU3HY

Could not reproduce this on Mac. When I was checking your other bug about the null callsigns saving I made a bunch and exported them and saw the 59s in there. What platform were you on?

Just tested and happens on both mac and windows… I use adif master to check my adif files…

Where I input RST 55/57 it shows up, see RST_RCVD and RST_SENT where it suppost to be 59 59 its empty

Ah. I looked quickly at the ADIF file and saw 59s in there, but it looks like the adif data length field was coming through as ‘undefined’


Good catch! I’ll get this fixed and write a few test to check these better.

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