"NOTES" field that would track through each QSO entry


I’d like to suggest adding a second “Comments” entry field–call it “Notes”, “Details”, or whatever–that would track through each contact entered into that log, the way that frequency, park number, and power, etc, do.

This field would allow adding additional information of the operator’s choice, such as antenna, transmitter, or other details to attach to each QSO of that log for future reference, or perhaps equipment comparisons. I could see myself using that field to record a US Islands ID number, or my set up location in that park. This entry field would erase for the next new log created.

The field I suggest would differ from the “Comments” field, which only attaches to one contact and erases for the next next contact entry.

Many thanks.

That’s not a bad idea, but I wonder if it would be easier or better to simply make those additional fields that are located in your “area” of the GUI (the box to the right that contains your callsign, park, grid, etc…)

Not sure if that would be an issue though because it’s not really part of any adi file or requirement, but I suppose those fields would simply be ignored then.

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I do know there are far more fields in the ADIF spec that I’m not exposing that might fit the bill, my_rig for instance, but it sounds like this is not information you want attached to the exported ADIF and the contacts you made, but just sort of general information in the log?

For me personally, I like to record the antenna I used & would want the field to export to QRZ as a comment.

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