Novice Activator getting an error message on upload

Had a blast with first activation. I exported the ADI file to my desktop and tried to upload it where I got an unspecific error message.

There is a green check mark to the right of each contact with the exception of a DX contact (CE3FZL). Can’t figure what I need to do. Any help would be appreciated.



You can try clicking on the gear icon to the right and selecting the middle option “look up”. It may or may not fill in the data on CE3FZL depending upon whether that DX info is in the data base you selected at setup. Either way, it will not affect your log when you submit it. POTA will accept it.

There are several possible reasons the why CE3FZL look up did not happen in the field.
As above, it may not be in your selected database.
It may have taken too long to look it up and you began to enter another contact before the DB was finished searching.
Your DB may be able to find the info when your laptop is connected to your home WIFI.
Another possibility is that a call sign might have been entered in error and is not assigned to any amateur radio station. HAMRS will allow the entry, but of course the database cannot find an unassigned call.

In your case CE3FZL is a real station in Santiago, Chile. Congratulations on catching such a rare DX on your first outing!

Jack N8EU

You might try uploading your ADI with a different browser. As long as all records in your HAMRS log are populated with the required info, the exported ADI should be fine, which suggests a problem on the POTA end.

Feel free to send me your ADIF — would be glad to look at it for you. KZ3L at

Before uploading I always run my logs through ADIF MASTER. A free app for windows that helps to detect typos, etc. 73 de KE2YK

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